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What to know?

There is a lot of Loughborough lingo that only students here understand so here is your guide to help you cross the language barrier when you get here!

AU - Athletics Union 

(e.g I play AU football translates to I am sick at football)

LSU - Loughborough Students Union


BNOC - Big name on campus 

(someone universally popular)

PO - Purple Onion

(The on campus shop that will keep you alive at weekends- AND RIGHT NEXT TO RUTHERFORD!)

Papa Si's - The infamous takeaway on campus

(Tastes better after a night out!)

IMS - Intra-Mural Sport

Competitive but extremely fun various sports in which halls compete against each other, possibly the biggest rivalry on campus.

Hustings -

A week of challenges for people running for committee positions finished with an election, a chance to go mental (again).

What to know about Rutherford...?

Printing and WiFi...

Printing is done in various places around Campus and is an online service, but first you will need to put money into your account either by payment at the library or on the LSU website. Once you've sent a document to print, you can print from any printer, remember your ID card to log onto the printer and any University Computer is connected to the printers.



WiFi is connectable after setting up, launch Eduroam Setup, enter your details then connect to the WiFi, same for laptops. 

Course specific software is available to download from IT services in the Library

The Green -

A area of grass in the middle of Rutherford

(The best place to be when it's sunny)

Frosty -

Rutherford Warden 

(The Rutherfam's boss and dad!)

Sub-wardens -

Lorenzo, Talia and Jacky assist Frosty.

They will sort you out if you loose your keys on a messy night at LSU and

they also have a number you can call 24/7 if anything was to happen.

Rutherford day -

A day devoted to Rutherford, possibly the best day all year!

Whitworth -

A tower block in the middle of Rutherford. COLLECT LETTERS AND PRINTING FROM THE RECEPTION HERE.

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