Joining Committee?

Enjoying life as a Fresher? Don't want it to end? Well fortunately there is a way to keep up the fun and enjoy hall life even more... by joining the Rutherford Committee!



Every year there must be a new committee, selected by a hall vote during the Hustings week on Campus. Positions are up for grabs in November and then February.

  • There are also "Committee perks"

  • Free gold membership for the union

  • Personalized Stash

  • Guaranteed rooms of your first choice


 You are responsible for all the events throughout the year, planning and putting on these events is very rewarding. It is a truly unique chance to fully immerse yourself into campus living and become part of an amazing family!

The positions available are: hall chair, vice chair, treasurer, social, media, female sport, male sport, action, freec, rag and welfare & diversity.

  • (Make sure you speak to the current members of the position(s) you are interested in and they will give you any information you need).


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