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Hall Subscription?

What are Hall Subs?

Hall subscriptions pay for everything your committee organises for you throughout the year:

Pitch hire and equipment;

Subsidised stash;

Rutherford Day;

Subsidised Winter and Summer ball;

Punch Parties;

Participation in IMS;

New items for common room;

FRESHERS and Refreshers. and more...

How much and why pay?

On arrival you will be asked to pay £100 or you can do so before on the LSU website. Some people ask "what's the point?" but it is imperative you pay. £50 of that goes to the Union to pay for the parts of freshers they organise and £50 to Rutherford Hall. Straight away that gets you a T-shirt and other Rutherford goodies and punch party! Remember, subs last the whole year so really that £50 you payed to the hall gets you a lot. Not paying means you could be excluded from hall life, that includes all sports, social events and the common room. 

Hall Fees explained

Hall Fees explained

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Platinum passes 

These are memberships are provided by LSU and have nothing to do with the hall. Platinum allow students throughout the year free entry to nights out as well as +1's on certain dates and drinks deals every night. For more details on these see the LSU website.

IF you're planning on regularly going out, these are well worth the investment!

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