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Hall Living

Bedrooms: 334
Catering: Catered
Student types: Undergraduate, art foundation
Area: Student Village
  • 2 - 8 students share a kitchenette

  • Standard (wash hand basin) rooms: 2 - 8 students share bathroom facilities

  • Single bedrooms with en-suite bathroom

  • Single bedrooms with shared en-suite: 2 students share adjacent bathroom

  • Standard (small kitchen)- Block 5: (12-14 students share kitchenette and bathroom facilities)


  • Fully catered Mon - Fri (reduced during holiday periods) 

  • Large common/games room

  • Fortnightly bedroom cleaning

  • Communal BAthroom facilities cleaned every weekday

  • Kitchens cleaned weekly

  • The University network and internet access are available by both wired and wireless networks (wireless network will be available in Whitworth Tower shortly)

  • card/contactless operated launderette

  • Bike shed

Where is Rutherford?
Rutherford Map.jpg

Rutherford hands down has  the best location in the student village. We are situated in the very centre of the Student Village. Just a stones throw  from ‘Papa Si’s (the local takeaway on campus), the Purple Onion (our village shop), and the library.





Important features are:

- The Green outside block 15 and 16

- the dining hall which houses the common room and toilets

- The launderette which is 8 and 9 on the map

- Whitworth reception which deals with all campus living

- the Subwardens who are suited in block 10, 20 and Whitworth first floor.

About the Blocks, by the Students!

All the information about halls can get very confusing, so here it is simplified and explained from people with first hand experience.


Whitworth, not many people even realise it's part of Rutherford, but most of hall live there! The tower block offers spacious rooms and great views, but can be noisy and has small kitchens.

Block 5 is the second largest and has a variety of medium and small rooms. it has big bathrooms, but small kitchens shared on each floor. Middle floor has a bath. It's a fun block to live in, and there will always be someone around to have a chat with!

Blocks 15,16,17 and 21 are the standard rooms, shared bathrooms and medium kitchens, the rooms are modestly sized.

Blocks 15 and 16 are the most central being right in front of The Green. 

Blocks 14,18,19 and 20 are the shared en suite with medium to large rooms and the biggest kitchens in Rutherford.

Blocks 1,2,3,4,6 and 7 are the en-suite rooms. They are large but obviously have a toilet and shower in.

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